Combining Room with NEETS (control feature)

We´re excited to introduce you to our latest feature: Combined Room Support, an easy way to add flexibility to meeting rooms.

The feature comes highly requested by our users, and it will make the creation of an AV system for room combing significantly easier.



Where a room is partitioned by folding walls, users can combine smaller meeting rooms into larger meeting or conference spaces simply by opening the walls. Flexibility and multi-functionality are enhanced when rooms can be combined in various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the complexity of room combining increases with the need for more and more AV devices and connectivity. 

When the folding walls are open, all AV devices – including functions such as audio volume and lighting – are shared throughout the combined rooms’ speakers and displays from one central location. When the walls are closed, each room has a completely independent AV functionality.


Watch this video in order to see how to create the combine rooms functionality using NEETS PROJECT DESIGNER 1.9.0. 


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