Introducing TanGo

Product launch​​ Neets Control – TanGo

Test the​​ TanGo

The ultimate Touch Panel Controller.


You asked for it. We made it.​​ 

And you are exclusively invited to​​ Test the​​ TanGo.


The Neets Control – TanGo™ is a powerful control system enabling intuitive control through touch panels or standard browsers.  


For easy installation and less cabling the TanGo™ comes with PoE IN and PoE OUT to avoid external PSU for both the control system and an external device like a touch panel.​​ 


It takes two to TanGo™​​ 

We have designed the ultimate Touch Panel Controller. Now it is up to you to bring it to life in any medium-sized conference room, learning space, or lecture hall of your choice.


Perfect match

The TanGo™ is perfect for any meeting space using wall or table mounted touch panels. TanGo delivers an intuitive touch interface making it easy to start a presentation.​​ 


Key features


/Volumes/Kunder/Neets/_Billedarkiv/Ikoner/png/Neets_icon_touch.png ​​​​ Provides users with touch panel control of a multitude of AV equipment​​ 


/Volumes/Kunder/Neets/_Billedarkiv/Ikoner/png/Neets_icon_ethernet.png ​​​​ The TanGo™ is ­powered with PoE, and it even comes with PoE​​ pass through​​ for touch panels


/Volumes/Kunder/Neets/_Billedarkiv/Ikoner/png/Neets_icon_brugerflade.png ​​​​ Enables custom graphical user interface designs made easy in Neets Project Designer




Let’s TanGo

Sign up online and a test unit is heading your way


How it works:

After you have signed up online our local distributor will contact you regarding loan of a controller to​​ Test the TanGo.



Neets Control TanGo​​ 


/Volumes/Kunder/Neets/65369 TanGo-kampagne/Linked files/_MG_8872-Edit-r1.png